Logotipo da Ericeira Eco Sound Resort
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Ericeira Ecological Resort

The resort is a unique place. Our main concerns are the future, environment and sustainability. In that sense we think, rethink and act to make a change.

At Eco Sound-Ericeira Ecological Resort guests are invited to actively participate in several ecological practices. You can play an active role improving the surrounding areas while promoting a better understanding of the region.

Staying with us you can enjoy quality vacation without causing any environmental impact.


By using regional products when preparing your meals you will better understand the local gastronomy and you will avoid importing products.

  • By using our biological plantation with a big variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  • Riding a bicycle instead of using your car. You can experience aromas, sounds, natural landscape and the local community.
  • By staying in one of our eco-friendly bungalows built with genuine natural products – wood and clay.
  • Benefiting from our biological swimming pool that works with aquatic ecosystems. It is a precondition for the full understanding of the dynamics of water re-usage, an essential item for life. 
  • Taking advantage of sun’s energy and wood splints and shavings for the heating of our facilities are a positive differentiation value of our place with zero impact on the environment.
  • Using our recycle bin where you can place separately carton, plastic, glass, batteries, corks, among others.

Eco holidays are the perfect choice to help the environment due to low carbon emission.
Our concern for the world where we live makes us search for new ideas in order to contribute for a better world.

We hope we can rely on you!